Maquet Getinge Group

Партнеры (English)
Specialization: Integrated operational information technologies; endoscopic equipment; electrosurgery; sterilization equipment; operating tables, lights, operating consoles

In 1932, Getinge took the first steps in the field of medical technology, launching the production of sterilizers for medical equipment. The acquisition of Maquet in 2000 allowed the Getinge Group of companies to switch to the production of equipment for operating units. Founded in 1838, Maquet has a rich tradition of creating revolutionary products, including the first motorized operating table and a table for the world's first heart transplant. The acquisition in 2003 of the companies Jostra (artificial circulation devices) and Siemens LSS (ventilators) allowed Getinge to further increase the competitiveness and patient orientation of its offer in the field of intensive care. Since 2008, Getinge has been working on the development of medical technologies in the field of cardiology.